Perfect tension the pulling of the rope from both ends is one of the things that keep tightrope walkers balanced as they walk over the heads of their audience. Its much the same way with the music of burgeoning artist Lara Landon. She subtly invites the listener to sit in the middle of the moment, surprising them with an intriguing combination of opposites that pull with equal strength.



One of the first things you notice about her is her striking beauty, the result of an Arabian father and Sicilian mother.And in the midst of a lighthearted conversation, she'll let fly a piece of insight that reveals the depth of her introspection. She is both joyful and dark, easygoing and pensive, drawing from different sides of her personality to offer a fresh perspective to the Nashville music scene.



After writing songs for four years and playing piano for twelve, Lara packed up her belongings and moved from southern California, to pursue a music business degree at the prestigious Belmont University. While most parents insist on a backup plan, Lara's parents were the ones who suggested the move, pushing her toward her dream and encouraging her to seize the opportunity to make an early mark on the industry.



Lara landed in Nashville at the age of nineteen without knowing a single person or having any idea how to pursue a career as a musician. But within a year, she had made coveted connections with many of the citys musical veterans, and she began writing with award winning songwriters like Jason Ingram, Christa Wells (Held, Natalie Grant) and Tiffany Lee of Plumb. Much in the vein of Sarah McLachlan and Tracy Chapman, Lara writes from the darker shades of her personality. "I believe that its better to feel something strong than nothing at all. And in those places where I doubt, I am most reminded to reach out to God.When I work through my thoughts in my songs, it helps me to sort through the feeling and come back to the truth.''



Landon’s debut album, Beloved, was produced by GRAMMY® award-winning talent Michael Omartian (Amy Grant, Christopher Cross, Rod Stewart) In fact, the Beloved recording process proved to be not only the chance of a lifetime but also breeding grounds for her artistry, as she was able to work with well- respected songwriter/ producers like Jason Ingram, Plumb and Mitch Dane. Beloved solidified Landon’s identity in Christ and resonated with fans as they, too, discovered how they could become His beloved thanks, in part, to successful radio single “Closer,” which stayed on the charts for most of 2010.



If Beloved conveyed Landon’s revelation about who are in Christ, her second full length project, Overcome, which iTunes named “one of the top Christian albums of 2012”, speaks to our authority as His beloved to triumph over life’s most difficult circumstances. Landon has taken that message on tour and abroad, serving the least of these with New Reality International, the non-profit she and her sister co-founded in 2006.



“Being on the road, sharing my songs with people in different settings, has allowed me to see the real needs they have,” shares Landon.“ I was able to see how they were hurting, how they needed encouragement, and how God was moving in similar ways all across the world.”



Meeting needs firsthand—whether it be in Haiti on a mission trip or in church singing— is a significant part of the Riverside, California-native’s ministry and has undoubtedly had a profound effect on her. But Landon affirms the depth of her songwriting was most influenced by the three years she spent singing at Nashville’s House of Prayer.“I loved the world that opened up to me atThe House of Prayer,” says Landon.“I never thought I could sing and pray for hours on end. I learned how to make up Scripture songs on the spot, and I began to feel the depth that could come from using God’s Word to pray and intercede.” The songs on her new record reflect Landon’s time spent in the Word and a sensitivity to the needs and diversity of her fans.



In March of 2013 Lara became the Worship Director at Birmingham’s House of Prayer where she led live worship sets 3 days a week.“I never would have chosen to leave Nashville to move to Birmingham but God made it so clear that I went out of obedience and soon found out it was one of the best choices I ever made” Landon Shares.



Upon returning to Nashville, Lara teamed up with producers Otto Price, Michael Farren and Evan Sieling to begin recording her new, fan-funded project. The album will be released and distributed by The Fuel Music (Gungor, John Mark McMillan,TFK, Bethel Music) in August of 2014, titled by it’s first single There Is Grace. This 10 song album boasts writing credits from some of Christian music’s finest writers including Jennie Lee Riddle (Revelation Song), Michael Farren (Let It Rain) and Elias Dummer (Holy Wedding Day). Landon explains “I’m excited that I had the chance to create songs with people who have literally written three of my favorite worship songs of all time.”



Whether she’s meticulously crafting lyrics or ministering to the physically and spiritually needy, authenticity reigns supreme with Landon. Her main goal is to be an intermediary. “I’ve learned over the past few years that my job, and success to me, is connecting people with God and connecting God with people—whether that be through hands-on service, or a simple melody that I’m playing on the piano,” she says.“I’m a connector, and if I’m doing my part correctly, I will disappear and leave people face-to-face with their own heart and the heart of God.”



Between her voice and her piano, she perfectly executes the music that she hopes will reach deep into her audience's souls. Pulling from the dark and pushing into the light, arms outstretched in both directions, Lara establishes that balance again the juxtaposition that makes her music feel moody and hopeful, joyful and broken, all at once. And it is a beautiful, perfect tension.




Lara was Recently featured in the Prestigious American Songwriter Magazine.


Overcome, released in 2012 was named one of the top 12 albums in it's genre by iTunes.



Rarely has an album affected me this deeply as many of the songs cause me to physically feel the depth and sincerity of Lara's goose bump inducing emotional of my top albums of the year. 

-Kevin Davis, New Release Tuesday 


Independent songstress Lara Landon has talent in spades....ambient and mysterious, Landon's sophomore project, Overcome, draws comparisons to releases from Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette.. (she) fearlessly puts her entire self out there...

-Lindsay Williams,


Lara has received much praise and commercial success all ready, but the heartfelt sounds and verses of "There is Grace" soar above all human accolades."

-Alpha Omega News



Lara Landon has the presence and delivery to become a force of nature.

-John Degroff, Higher Rock Music


Singer songwriter Lara Landon possesses the charm, talent, and poise of veteran women in her field like Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, while at the same time offering a new and refreshingly unique style all her own.... meaningful, inspirational lyrics...stunning vocals. 

-Laura McDonald,



OK, here is what I think: Lara has one of the best voices in the industry. I had great expectations from Lara and she didn't disappoint. You expect the quality and she delivers! 

-Silvia Hrabkovska, BREATHECAST



This is one of the most emotionally moving albums I’ve ever heard.

Lara’s remarkable singing voice and interesting music and lyrics are truly captivating. 

-Kevin Davis, New Release Tuesday



"Lara Landon stands out for her smoldering vocal style, well-sculpted melodies, and distinctly personal take… piano-centered mix of folk, pop, and soul blended with an unflinching emotional honesty.




"At the end of the day, "There Is Grace" will touch you in all of your broken places. "



her sophomore album shines...enchanting vocals 

-Andy Argyrakis, Christianity Today



Lara Landon has the presence and delivery to become a force of nature. 

-John Degroff, Higher Rock Music




If there ever was an artist and an album that has captivated me and challenged my walk with God, it is Lara Landon’s sophomore album.